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Disease introduction simulation exercises

This page is used to disseminate on the web announcement received from Member Countries on disease introduction simulation exercises taking place in their countries.

These simulation exercises are also disseminated to OIE's Delegates and to the subscribers of the OIE-Info Distribution List before their implementation.

Most of the time, these simulation exercises are meant to test and practice, based on an established national contingency plan. The OIE encourages its Member Countries to share their experiences about the preparation of generic and/or disease specific national contingency plans and has dedicated a specific web page for National contingency plans.

Location Disease Date
Dominican RepublicInfestation with Aethina tumida (Small hive beetle)2019

23 to 25 July

BrazilFoot and mouth disease2019

26 to 30 August

BrazilFoot and mouth disease2019

11 to 17 August

New-ZealandFoot and mouth disease2019

4 July to 26 September

Chinese TaipeiAfrican swine fever2019

28 June


10 to 12 September

PeruFoot and mouth disease2019

18 to 20 June; 16 to 18 July; 20 to 22 August

TurkeyFoot and mouth disease2019

18 to 19 June

EstoniaFoot and mouth disease2019

6, 19 and 20 June

Tanzania/KenyaCross border field simulation exercise2019

11 to 14 June

ChileFoot and mouth disease2019

10 to 14 June

EstoniaFoot and mouth disease2019

22 May 

PanamaNew world screwworm (Cochliomyia hominivorax)2019

20 to 23 May

BrazilFoot and mouth disease2019

13 to 17 May

AustraliaAfrican swine fever2019

14 to 16 May

SerbiaFoot and mouth disease2019

20 to 21 March

SpainFoot and mouth disease2019

12 to 14 March

TurkeyAvian Influenza2019

8 to 12 April - 14 to 18 October

AustraliaAfrican swine fever2019

4 to 8 March

BeninHighly pathogenic avian influenza2019

14 and 15 March

AustraliaBiosecurity incident2019

25 to 28 March

BulgariaFoot and mouth disease2019

12 to 14 February

TurkeyFoot and mouth disease2019

4 to 8 February - 25 February to 1 March

DenmarkAfrican swine fever2019

28 to 31 January