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OIE-Info Distribution List

To improve the efficiency and rapidity of animal disease information exchange among OIE Member Countries, especially for early warning purposes, the OIE has an electronic mailing list for OIE Delegates and international and regional organisations dealing with animal and public health.

Since 2002, this list has been open to any institution or person interested in receiving near real-time information on animal disease exceptional events, in the form of Alert messages notified by OIE Member Countries as well as the announcement of the release of Weekly Disease Information. Thousands of stakeholders from a wide variety of sectors are included on this list.

The OIE has recently added a new function to the OIE-Info distribution list to better address subscribers' specific needs. They can now elect to receive information only on the types of animals and diseases of interest. This is intended to reduce the number of unnecessary e-mails that subscribers receive. Subscribers can select from among the following categories: mammals; birds; bees; aquatic animals; zoonotic diseases; and diseases that might affect wild species.

When alerts are disseminated, subscribers will only receive those relating to the categories they have selected.

Recently, in addition to receiving alerts by e-mail, RSS feeds for Immediate Notifications and/or Follow-up Reports have been made available for interested OIE-Info distribution list subscribers. Follow-up reports are not distributed by e-mail.

Details on how to receive RSS feeds are given in the subscription form below.

Subscribers to the OIE-Info distribution list may also receive other relevant information released by the OIE on various topics in relation to the others missions of the Organisation.

To subscribe to the list, please fill in the subscription form